White Snakeroot Picture

White Snakeroot
Ageratina altissima

White Swish

Loads of small fuzzy bright white flower heads as early as July through to October, 2-7" heart shaped leaves on slender stalks, spreads easily, attracts butterflies, very nice cut flower, good late season nectar & pollen source for insects including honeybees, likes well-drained soil, its native habit is often woodland or woods-edge.

Dry To Average
Sun To Shade
2-5 tall
Plant Hardiness Zones: Zone 4a-8b
Deer Resistant

Other names: Snow Thoroughwort (formerly Eupoatorium rugosum)

Native Range: NT, SK, QC, south to the FL panhandle & upland areas of ne. TX

Germination - Very Easy: No treatment. Surface sow.

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White Snakeroot Drawing

White Snakeroot Picture

White Snakeroot Picture