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Red-panicled Dogwood
Cornus racemosa


Multi-stemmed shrub producing rounded clusters of creamy white flowers March through June, bunches of white berries (drupes, really) develop on bright red stems, narrow classic dogwood leaves turn a striking purple/red in fall, reddish young twigs with gray bark on older branches, birds (including Bluebirds, N. Flickers, & Downy Woodpeckers) eagerly gobble up the fruit in the fall, host plant for Spring Azure Butterfly (Celastrina ladon), fairly drought resistant (for a Dogwood).

Average To Wet
Part Shade To Shade
3-12 tall (3-8' wide)
Plant Hardiness Zones: 3a-8b
Woody Shrub

Other names: Gray Dogwood

Native Range: s. QC, ON & MB south through the e. Dakotas to nw. SC and n. AR

Red-panicled Dogwood - 2-3 foot tall in a Gallon pot $24.00

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