Roundleaf Ragwort Picture

Roundleaf Ragwort
Packera obovata

Yellow Swish

Flat-topped clusters of attractive small (1/4") deep yellow flowers from April to June (rarely later), basal leaves (1-4") are oval & tapering to the base with smaller finely cut leaves on the flowering stems, great semi-evergreen groundcover, food plant for Northern Metalmark Butterfly caterpillars (Calephelis borealis), nectar attracts butterflies (& other insects), native to wooded slopes & banks, clump forming by rhizomes.

Average Moisture
Part Shade
0.5-1.5' tall
Plant Hardiness Zones: 4a-8b
Deer Resistant

Other names: (formerly Senecio obovatus)

Native Range: s. NH & VT west to s. MI & IL, south to the FL panhandle & NM

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Roundleaf Ragwort Drawing