Giant Bur-Reed Picture

Giant Bur-Reed
aka: Great Bur-Reed, Broadfruit Bur-Reed
Sparganium eurycarpum

White Swish

Each branched flower stalks produces separate male & female flowers in late July or August - the male flowers are puffy & white while the female flowers are green & prickly looking (a lot like small Sweet Gum [Liquidamber styraciflua) seed balls), leaves are up to " wide & 5' long, spreads by seed & rhizomes, grows in mud & water up to 2' deep (freshwater only), seeds are wildlife food for waterfowl (ducks, snipes, rails.), sand, gravel & clay tolerant. Host plant to several moths including Putnam's Looper (Plusia putnami).

Wet Soil
Sun To Part Shade
2-6' tall
Plant Hardiness Zones: 3b-7b

Native Range: Labrador across s QC & ON and into the Canadian Rockies, south to s CA, OK and VA

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 Giant Bur-Reed Drawing