Southern Arrow-wood Viburnum Picture

Southern Arrow-wood Viburnum
Viburnum dentatum

White Swish

Large flattened clusters of creamy white flowers from late May to Early June are followed by blue/black fruits (droops), glossy pleated leaves turn yellow/orange/red in fall, moderately salt tolerant, likes acid soil, tolerates clay & sandy soil, Black Walnut tolerant, great nectar source for native bees & honeybees, good Rain Garden plant, birds love the fruit, butterfly host plant (Spring Azure, Celastrina ladon), a beautiful & versatile rounded multi-stemmed shrub.

Dry To Wet
Sun To Part Shade
6-10' tall (6-10' wide)
Plant Hardiness Zones: 2a-9a
Deer resistant

Native Range: c ME to IA, south to c FL and e TX

Southern Arrow-wood Viburnum - 1-2 foot tall in a Gallon pot $19.75
Southern Arrow-wood Viburnum - 2-3 foot tall in a Gallon pot $23.75
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Southern Arrow-wood Viburnum Drawing