Riverbank Grape Picture

Riverbank Grape
Vitis riparia

PurpleDark Swish

A fast growing vine that climbs or sprawls by way of long tendrils, greenish flowers in late spring produce clusters of large (3/8") dark purple grapes by fall, skin of grapes is tough but juicy flesh is sweet/sour & quite tasty, deeply rooted (tap root), older bark shreds to make the vines look shaggy, large lobed coarsely toothed leaves (4x6"), pollinated by native bees, gravel & sand tolerant, excellent & important wildlife food source for many species of game & songbirds as well as many mammals, provides great nesting sites. Host plant to several beautiful moth species including the Lettered Sphinx (Deidama inscripta) & the wonderfully named Bad Wing (Dyspteris abortivaria) A big, bold plant that needs plenty of room (or management).

Average To Moisyt
Sun To Part Shade
20+' tall (supported)
Plant Hardiness Zones: 4a-8b
Woody Vine

Native Range: NB west through s CN to c MT, south to LA & NC

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Riverbank Grape Drawing

Riverbank Grape Picture