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How to Order Plants

You can order plants from us in any of the following 5 ways.

  • Use on-line ordering available with the description of each plant.
    Mal's e-commerce used for processing on-line orders using a secure server.
  • Print our order form, fill it out and mail it to us at

    Toadshade Wildflower Farm
    53 Everittstown Rd.
    Frenchtown, NJ. 08825

  • FAX us your completed order form at


  • Send us your order via e-mail at toadshade@toadshade.com. We do not recommend that you send credit card numbers by e-mail because of security concerns. Please, if you are ordering by e-mail be sure to send your credit card number by FAX at 908-996-7500.

  • Order by mailing or faxing an order using our printed catalogue. To get your own copy of our catalogue send an e-mail message to toadshade@toadshade.com.

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