This beautiful deciduous vine produces adorable dark purple/yellow pipe-shaped flowers in May, lending it its distinctive name. Leaves are wide, flat, glossy and heart-shaped, and form a thick, showy web that climbs trees and trellises with equal ambition. Tolerant of black walnut, this is the host plant of the beloved Pipevine Swallowtail (Battus philenor), a beautiful native butterfly. Due to its love of climbing, it's very easy to train this vine up to create a well-shaded arbor (it's something of an old-fashioned favorite for this purpose), and if you wish to control its growth, you can simply trim it back once it has gone dormant in the winter. Interestingly, the traditional name Birthwort comes from the use of some species in this genus to historically ease the pain of childbirth. However, there are toxic compounds in this plant that make it quite poisonous to humans.

Average To Moist
Sun To Partial Shade
30 + feet long (supported)
Plant Hardiness Zones: Zone 3b-8a
Woody Vine

Native Range: ME south to GA, west to MS and north to MI, excluding NH, IN and IL.

Dutchman's Pipe in a quart pot $16.50

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