A beautiful deciduous climbing vine, whose purple/yellow pipe-shaped flowers in May (and the ensuing seed capsules) are charmingly fuzzy. The leaves are also fuzzy, and quite showy in their own right, forming a dark-green twining mass which rapidly climbs up trees and over shrubs. Host plant for the larval stage of the beautiful Pipevine Swallowtail (Battus philenor). Black walnut tolerant. Traditionally popular as a trellising vine, for use in creating shaded areas under arbors or over verandas, and growth rate can be easily controlled by pruning in the winter after the stems have gone dormant. Intolerant of dry soil. Despite the European species in this genus use in historical medicines to ease the pain of childbirth, this species contains aristolochic acid, making it quite poisonous to humans.

Average To Moist
Sun To Partial Shade
30 + feet long (supported)
Plant Hardiness Zones: Zone 5a-9a
Woody Vine

Native Range: ME south to GA, west to MS and north to MI, excluding NH, IN and IL.

Woolly Dutchman's Pipe in a gallon pot $20.75

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