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Large flashy clusters of small bright orange flowers from June through September, narrow 3-4" leaves, interesting 4-5" long spindle-shaped seed pods persist through the fall releasing wind-borne feathery seeds (we called them 'wish feathers' when I was a child), attracts butterflies & other beneficial insects, food plant for Monarch & Queen Butterfly caterpillars (Danaus plexippus & D. gilippus), easy to grow but cannot be moved after it's established due to its long taproot, long lasting cut flowers, very drought tolerant once established. Due to its brittle taproot that dislikes prolonged pot culture, the plants we ship are young plants ideally suited to establish quickly when planted.

Dry To Average
Sun To Part Shade
1-3 foot tall
Plant Hardiness Zones: 4a-10b
Deer Resistant

Native Range: s. ME, ON, MN, west to SD & CO, & CA, south to FL, TX & AZ. Rare in ME, NH, NY, RI & VT

Germination - Easy: Cold stratify 3 weeks, plant very shallow (needs light to germinate)

Butterfly Milkweed 3.5 inch pot $15.25
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Butterfly Milkweed Drawing

Butterfly Milkweed Seedling Picture