Gray Birch Picture

This fast growing small tree bears 1-3 inch pale yellow catkins in spring before the dark green glossy triangular leaves open up, yellow fall color, attractive chalky white bark on mature trees is beautiful all year round, usually grows as a multi-stemmed tree, tolerates poor soil (actually seems to prefer it!), host plant for Eastern Tiger Swallowtail (Papilio glaucus), caterpillars.

Dry To Moist
Sun To Shade
20-40 foot (10-20 foot wide) tall
Plant Hardiness Zones: 3a-6b
Small Tree
Deer Resistant

Native Range: NB to s. ON, south to e. IL & the NC mountains. Rare in IL & IN

Germination - Difficult: Cold stratify 8 weeks, plant very shallow (needs light & high humidity to germinate)

1-2 foot tall Gray Birch in a quart pot $19.50
2-3 foot tall Gray Birch in a quart pot $22.50
3-4 foot tall Gray Birch in a quart pot $26.00
Gray Birch Seed Packet $4.00

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Gray Birch Picture

Gray Birch Seedling