Fringed Sedge

aka: Short Haired Sedge
Carex crinita crinita

GreenDrk2 Swish

Fringed Sedge Picture

Bunches of green gracefully dangling flower heads from May to June persist as seed heads well into the summer, leaves are narrow (about 1/4 inch) and upright, a very attractive and eye catching clump-forming sedge, clay tolerant, good rain garden plant, butterfly host plant, host plant for the Eyed Brown (S. eurydice) Butterfly.

Moist to Wet
Sun To Part Shade
1-3' tall
Plant Hardiness Zones: 3b-10a
Deer Resistant

Native Range: Newfoundland to Manitoba, south to Georgia & Texas

Germination - Easy: Cold Stratify 8 weeks

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Fringed Sedge Drawing