Silky Dogwood Picture

Flat-topped clusters of small white flowers up to 2.5" across appear from late May to early June on this multi-stemmed shrub to small tree with a rounded habit, large (4") elliptic classic 'dogwood' leaves turn a beautiful deep reddish-purple in fall, attractive " pale blue berries turn deep cobalt blue over time & are a favorite of birds (including wood ducks, turkeys & woodpeckers), smooth reddish brown bark on young branches matures to a dark burgundy, clay tolerant, a great plant for wildlife, host for the Spring Azure Butterfly (Celastrina ladon) as well as the Summer Azure Butterfly (Celastrina neglecta).

Average To Moist
Sun To Shade
6-15" tall (similar in width)
Plant Hardiness Zones: 3b-8b
Woody Shrub or Small Tree

Native Range: ME to MI & IA, south to MS & the FL panhandle. Rare in IN

Silky Dogwood 6-12 inch in a quart pot $14.75
Silky Dogwood 1-2 foot in a quart pot $15.75
Silky Dogwood 2-3 foot in a half gallon pot $19.25
Silky Dogwood 3-4 foot in a half gallon pot $23.25

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Silky Dogwood Picture