A tall, particularly beautiful perennial sunflower with showy bright yellow flowers about 2-3.5 inches across from August-September. Leaves are longer than most sunflower species, and covered with small hairs which create a slightly silvery effect on the leaves and somewhat purple stem. Tolerant of sand, clay, this plant is naturally found on the prairie, and is ideal for large clumps and borders, although its size and habit of spreading by rhizomes is typically too bold to suit small gardens. A nectar source for many pollinators including bee species and butterflies, it's also an important food source for birds such as goldfinches which eat the seeds, and can act as a shelter for songbirds. May flop over during bloom period if grown in moist, fertile soil.

Dry To Average
Full Sun
5-7 foot Tall
Plant Hardiness Zones: 2b-8a

Native Range: ME to SC, excluding VT, NH, RI and DE. West to NM, excluding GA and LA. Northwest up to WA. Also present in CA. Adventive for much of its range, originally native to the Midwest plains ND to TX. Native to BC, AB, SK, MB, ON and QC in Canada.

Maximilian Sunflower 3.5 inch pot $12.75

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