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Toadshade Wildflower Farm is well known as a mail order nursery that offers plants and seeds, but with a mission to promote knowledge about and usage of native plants we offer much more. This summarizes additional services that we offer.

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Randi at Frelinghuysen Arboretum Photo courtesy of Albert Martin

Lectures, Seminars, Workshops

Garden Clubs, Master Gardeners, Professional Societies, Universities, Arboretums, etc throughout the northeast arrange for Randi to speak and/or teach about native plants. She has taught hundreds of people propagation methods. She draws on her PhD in Entomology and over 28 years experience with native plants to help gardeners understand how to grow perennials and the benefits that they provide when they do so.

If you are interested in arranging lecture, seminar, or workshop, contact Randi by phone (908-996-7500) or e-mail at She would be glad to provide a list of recent events and the topics that were covered.

Native Perennial Seeds and Plants

This web site provides an up-to-date listing of native plants and seeds that we have for sale. In addition, we offer a printed catalogue that is updated annually.

We do not maintain a storefront but do provide many opportunities for our local customers to shop for plants and seeds. We are regular participants at the Hunterdon Land Trust Alliance Farmers Market from 9 to 1 on Sundays. We area also invited to many other markets, events, and festivals. Groups often arrange for a seed and/or plant sale in conjunction with a lecture, seminar, or workshop.

Contact Randi by phone (908-996-7500) or e-mail at to arrange for Toadshade Wildflower Farm to participate in an event.

Farmers Market Photo

Seed Mix Photo

Custom Seed Mixes

Small packets of seed provides extreme flexibility for knowledgeable gardeners who have small areas to plant. However, many people are not sure which species to use to meet their gardening goals. In addition, for large sites bulk seed mixes are a more economical choice.

For customers who want a custom size mix we offer a service to design the ideal mix to meet their goals. We will blend and prepare the seed for planting.

Contact Randi by phone (908-996-7500) or e-mail at to begin designing your own custom seed mix.


Many people simply are not sure what native plants are on their property and how to identify/deal with invasive plants. They typically need to stay within a budget and need help balancing options. For cases like this we offer expert consultations.

Contact Randi by phone (908-996-7500) or e-mail at to arrange for Toadshade Wildflower Farm and she will come to your site to survey the conditions and listen to your goals. You will be able to use her written expert advice as a means to achieve those goals.

Farmers Market Photo