An excellent wetland species with large, striking dark green arrow-shaped leaves. Flowers are unusual long green and yellow spikes (May-August), which turn to large drooping bunches of inedible (to humans) berries which start out green before turning red and ultimately dark purple or brown when ripe. Leaves are quite showy and remain evergreen in the south, where this species may actually bloom in the fall and winter. Tolerates standing water, poorly oxygenated wetland conditions, and deep, wet shade. A favorite food source for many species of native turtles and wetland birds, such as wood ducks and rails. Spreads by rhizomes but does not tend to form large pushy colonies the way most wetland plants do. A good choice for slightly shaded rain gardens!

Moist to Wet
Sun to Shade
1-4 foot tall
Plant Hardiness Zones: 3a-10b

Native Range: ME south to FL, west to TX and north to MN. Native to Canada in ON and QC

Green Arrow Arum in a quart pot $11.75

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