Fernleaf Phacelia Picture

Masses of 1/2-1 inch purple flowers from April through June, mottled leaves usually tripartite and fern-like, adaptable, prefers acid but tolerates alkaline soil, tolerates poor or rocky soil, supports native bees including some specialist species, plants grow up to 5 inch tall the first year and remain evergreen with hints of purple through the winter - plants then shoot up early the second year to flower, set seed, and die so make sure you allow it to re-seed. A plant of dappled rocky woodlands.

Average To Moist
Part Shade To Shade
1-2 foot tall
Plant Hardiness Zones: 5b-8a

Native Range: nw NJ west to IL & se MO, south to n GA, AL, & MS. Rare in NJ, PA, OH, SC, & MS

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Fernleaf Phacelia Picture