aka: American Plane Tree
Platanus occidentalis

PurplePale Swish

Sycamore Picture

Green flowers in from March and June are followed by persistent balls of seeds which dangle long into the winter from this wonderful shade tree, huge maple-like leaves, develops a massive trunk that is beautifully patterned with white patches where the older bark has peeled off irregularly in large plates creating a fantastic effect, great nesting tree, fast growing.

Sun To Part Shade
70 to 100 foot tall (40-60 foot wide)
Plant Hardiness Zones: 4a-9b

Native Range: ME through s ON & WI to e. NB, south to n. FL & TX. Rare in ME

Germination - Very Easy: No treatment. Germinates best under warm conditions and very bright light.

Sycamore - 6-12 inch tall in a Quart pot $15.75
Sycamore - 1-2 foot tall in a Quart pot $18.75
Sycamore - 2-3 foot tall in a Quart pot $21.75
Sycamore Seed Packet $4.00

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Sycamore Drawing

Sycamore Picture

Sycamore Picture