A beautiful, adaptable woody species which can grow either as a suckering hedge or a small tree. Produces very showy, fragrant white flowers in spring (March-April) before leafing out, followed by delicious edible plums in August-September. Wonderful fall color can range from bright red to orange or yellow. Tolerant of salt, but intolerant of shade and drought, this species can often be found growing along riverbanks and stream edges and is excellent both for erosion control and creating windbreaks. Fruits have tough skins, but can be made into delicious jams and preserves, and the somewhat thorny branches make wonderful nesting habitat for songbirds. The flowers are of significant value to both honeybees and native bees in the early spring.

Average To Moist
Sun To Part Shade
8-15 foot tall
Plant Hardiness Zones: 2b-9b
Woody Shrub or Tree

Native Range: native across the US, rare in AR and VT. Native in Canada in SK, MB, ON, and QC

American Plum 6-12 inch in a quart pot $16.75
American Plum 1-2 foot in a quart pot $19.75
American Plum 2-3 foot in a quart pot $22.75

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