Allegheny Blackberry Picture

Clusters of up to 15 white flowers per cane from May to June result in large quantities of delicious black fruit, leaves are typically palmately compound (like a hand) and turn burgundy in fall, thorny arching canes root at the tips, produces a tap root, can tolerate light shade but grows best in full sun, tolerates rocky soil and clay, attracts butterflies and pollinators including a wide variety of native bees as well as honeybees, host plant for several butterflies and moths including the Striped Hairstreak (Satyrium liparops strigosum), very high wildlife value, berries eaten by a wide variety of birds and mammals (including us!).

Average To Moist
Full Sun
3-6 feet tall
Plant Hardiness Zones: 3b-8a
Woody Shrub
Deer Resistant

Native Range: Labrador across s QC & ON to n MN, south to OK, AR & n GA

Germination - Difficult: 3 months Warm then 3 months Cold Stratification. Needs warm soil to germinate. May take multiple years.

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Allegheny Blackberry Drawing

Allegheny Blackberry Picture

Allegheny Blackberry Picture