Northern Dewberry Picture

A prostrate prickly briar that produces 1 inch white flowers from April through June followed by delicious large (1 inch) black fruits in July, leaves compound with 3 to 5 toothed leaflets up to 3 inch long, lots of prickly thorns, spreads by seed & rooting stems, the tap root that develops makes this plant very drought tolerant, will grow in very poor soils, good nectar source for native bees & butterflies, fruit are eagerly eaten by songbirds, game birds, small mammals (mice, chipmunks, etc.) and people.

Dry To Average
Sun To Part Shade
trailing up to 15 foot but only 8-12 inch tall
Plant Hardiness Zones: 3b-8a
Woody Vine
Deer Resistant

Native Range: MN, s. ON, s. QC & ME south to se. NE, TX & FL. Rare in IN

Germination - Difficult: Physically scarify and soak overnight then cold stratify 8 weeks. May take multiple years.

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Northern Dewberry Drawing

Northern Dewberry Picture

Northern Dewberry Picture