Clasping Venus' Looking-Glass Picture

Usually appears as a small collection of upright stems arrayed with beautiful purple flowers from April through June in dry or disturbed habitats. The leaves clasp the stem (hence the name!) almost like little cups, giving the flowers a pretty, almost collared effect. Seed capsules are subtle, but this species can seed in vigorously in good conditions. Tolerant of many soil conditions, including packed soil, drought, and shallow soil, these plants attract a number of small native pollinators, and the seeds can support songbirds. The name 'Venus' Looking-Glass comes from a European relative of this species, which has a flat, mirror-like surface on its seeds.

Dry To Average
Full Sun
1-2.5 foot tall
Plant Hardiness Zones: 3b-10b

Native Range: Native across the US, except in NV. Rare in VT. Native in Canada in BC, ON, and QC.

Germination - Easy:: Cold Stratify 8 weeks.

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