Southern Arrowwood Viburnum Picture

Large flattened clusters of creamy white flowers from late May to Early June are followed by blue/black fruits (droops), glossy pleated leaves turn yellow/orange/red in fall, moderately salt tolerant, likes acid soil, tolerates clay and sandy soil, Black Walnut tolerant, great nectar source for native and honey bees, good Rain garden plant, birds love the fruit, butterfly host plant (Spring Azure Celastrina ladon ladon), a beautiful and versatile rounded multi-stemmed shrub.

Dry To Moist
Sun To Part Shade
6-10 foot tall
Plant Hardiness Zones: 2a-9a
Woody Shrub
Deer Resistant

Native Range: c ME to IA, south to c FL & e TX

Germination - Moderately Difficult: 8 months warm stratification followed by 2 months cold stratification.

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Southern Arrowwood Viburnum Drawing

Southern Arrowwood Viburnum Picture