Randi V.W. Eckel, PhD

January 15, 2014

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Happy New Year!

So, what can you do in the garden in January?

This is a great time of year for Frost Seeding.

Last month we talked a bit about cold stratification and how native seeds like cold weather it lets them know that winter has come and gets them ready to grow in the spring. Frost seeding 1) gets your seed planted in plenty of time for cold stratification and 2) takes advantage of the freeze thaw cycles that occur on the soil surface, actually working the seed into the ground by the heaving of the surface soil. Often recommended as a pasture improvement method, it can be successfully used with Wildflower and Native Grass Seeds in garden or meadow plantings as well. By simply scattering/broadcasting seed in the very early spring (while freezing events are still very common) you give snow and frost the opportunity to work the seed into the soil for you and cold stratify it at the same time!

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