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All plants are in 3.5" square pots (473 ml) and are perennials native to eastern North America unless otherwise noted. Other pot sizes used include 4" square pots (701 ml), Quart square pots (946 ml) & 'half gallon' square pots (2600 ml).

NO MINIMUM Plant OR Seed Packet order!

All orders are charged just before shipping/pickup.

All of our seed is hand harvested and processed. Each seed packet provides specific germination instructions based on our own experience with the seed.

Shipping Season: We ship Plants weekly from April 1st thru November 30th. Seed packets are shipped year round. Spring shipments will be timed to coincide with your growing conditions and/or the needs of the plants. June through August plant shipments may be postponed if extreme heat is predicted.

Plants are shipped UPS or USPS (Priority Mail)

Seed Packets are shipped First Class Mail.

Tall Shipping Surcharge for Woody Plants > 2' tall (see map and rate table, below).

half gallon Pot Shipping Surcharge = $3.50 per half gallon pot.

Special Delivery or Pickup: Toadshade is primarily a mail order nursery and the farm itself is not open to the public. We have, however, partnered with our terrific local hardware store (Frenchtown Home & Hardware), which is a ‘pick-up’ point for orders, allowing order pickup 7 days a week in beautiful downtown Frenchtown (contact us to make arrangements, any pickup order costing more than $50 must be pre-paid) Plants can also be pre-ordered and picked at the Hunterdon Land Trust Farmers Market in Flemington or at other events we attend over the course of the year (see our web site at for our latest schedule). For large orders within 100 miles of Frenchtown, contact us regarding truck delivery rates.

Every single one of our plants is carefully prepared, wrapped, and hand packed just before shipping. You receive healthy plants, ready to transplant. We don't make any money off of shipping - our shipping charges simply cover the freight costs, care, and materials it takes to get your plants to you in the best possible condition.

Due to and/or federal quarantine restrictions plants are shipped bare root to the following locations: AK, AL, AR, AZ, ID, IN, KS, MS, MT, ND, NM, NV, OK, OR, SD, TX, UT, WA, WY, & Canada. NOTE: Plants shipped to AZ, MT, OR, and Canada must be individually inspected before shipping and a special handling fee of $25 will apply ($40 for Canada). Some shipments of woody species outside the Northeast may also require Bareroot inspections or other fees due to specific State or Federal Quarantines or shipping requirements - we will notify you if this is the case before any charges are processed

For plant shipments to Canada, please contact us for a quote.

Sorry, we do not ship plants to California, nor do we ship plants or seeds overseas or to the state of Hawaii due to the stringent quarantine laws involved.

Standard Plant Shipping *

Plant order Total Shipping
$19.99 $18.95
$20.00-$34.99 $20.95
$35.00-$49.99 $22.95
$50.00-$74.99 $26.95
$75.00-$99.99 $30.95
$100.00-$124.99 $34.95
$125.00-$149.99 $38.95
$150.00-$499.99 21% of plant order
$500.00 15% of plant order
any shipment to CAN contact us for quote

* $20.00 flat plant delivery fee for orders >$50 to locations within 10 miles of Frenchtown, NJ

Seed Packet Shipping**

Seed Packet Order Shipping
shipped with plant order Free
up to 25 packets $7.95
26-100 packets 5% of seed order
100 packets contact us for a quote

** Minimum seed packet shipping to Canada = $20.00. Also, oversized/bulk seed packet orders may require extra shipping - we will notify you if that is the case.

Tall Shipping Surcharge
for each Woody Plant >2' tall

Height Zones
2-4' $14 Contact us for quote
4-5' Contact us for quote