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There is always music amongst the trees in the garden, but our hearts must be very quiet to hear it.

Minnie Aumonier

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Latest Information

We'd like to thank everyone who stopped by to see us this summer. During the winter months the Hunterdon Land Trust Farmer's Market switches to a monthly, indoor winter market. We hope to see you on the third Sunday of each month from 11 to 1: Dec. 20, Jan. 17, Feb 21, Mar. 20, and Apr 17. If inclement weather occurs on the third Sunday, the market will be rescheduled for the following week.

Randi just added an interesting post on native asters to her blog. It has great photos and interesting information so be sure to check it out. For people who wish, Randi also sends the blog by e-mail so you do not need to keep checking here for updates. If you would like to start getting her occasional missives by mail just drop Randi a note at toadshade@toadshade.com.

Occasionally we bring a camera to the Hunterdon Land Trust Farmer's Market and these are a few of the photos taken earlier this year. As you can see it is a wonderful, family-friendly, market with a wide variety of vendors. Hunterdon Land Trust Alliance

Randi's upcoming speaking engagements

  • October 28th Short Hills Garden Club: 'Gardening for the Birds and Bees: New Jersey Native plants in Landscape Design' (Cora Hartshorn Arboretum, Short Hills, NJ)
  • November 7th, Native Plant Society of New Jersey Fall Conference: 'On Beyond Monarchs and Honeybees - the Case for Diversity' (Raritan Valley Community College, North Branch, NJ) http://npsnj.org/
  • November 14th, Master Gardeners of Essex County: 'Landscaping with a Purpose: What's Diversity got to do with it?' (Roseland, NJ)
  • November 18th, NPSNJ - Hunterdon Chapter: 'Landscaping with a Purpose: What's Diversity got to do with it?' (location TBD)

Our website lists plants and seeds that are currently available and it will be updated when additional species become available.

Farmers Market Photo

If you have any particular native plants that you're looking for contact us. We always have new species coming along, so we may have what you are looking for (in small numbers.) If we don't have it, we'll try to add it to a future catalogue!

About Toadshade Wildflower Farm

We started Toadshade Wildflower Farm to make native wildflowers, particularly perennials, more easily available. Our intention is to 1) provide native, perennial, propagated wildflower plants, 2) identify available plants clearly by both common and scientific name, and 3) clearly summarize the native range and growth requirements of the wildflowers for sale.

Accordingly, all of the plants that we offer are native (not alien, introduced, or naturalized) as well as we can determine. We propagate them all ourselves - no plants are dug from the wild! We have tried to list the most often used common names, the scientific names, the preferred growth habit, and the native range based on information from a number of sources (see references below). I would encourage you to try plants that are native to your area. Planted within their native ranges, in sites appropriate to them, native perennial wildflowers will thrive and provide lasting color and interest for years to come.

Purchasing wildflowers

When buying wildflowers, make sure they are propagated, not removed from the wild! If you have any doubt, ask! Some plant species have been driven to extinction in the wild due to the collection of wild plants!


All artwork on the Toadshade Wildflower Farm web site, including drawings and photographs is original © 1996-2014 Randi Eckel. To obtain permission to reproduce this artwork, contact Randi.

Pot Size: Our plants come in 1 pint pots. These measure 3.5" square at the top, are 3.5" tall, and taper slightly to the bottom which measures 2.5" square. The total pot volume is exactly 1 pint (473 ml).

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